Changes in response to Covid-19 and Lockdown from Nov 5th to Dec 2nd

As we enter our second lockdown can we assure you all that we are open and will continue to offer services and support you all, our patients, with your queries and medical problems. Below is a summary of how you can access our services.

Requesting an Appointment with the Surgery Team

Since the start of lockdown in March all GPs in England have been instructed to close the doors to their surgeries and to adopt a triage first system for all patients requiring appointments. Patients must now first provide some basic information about their condition so the best available resolution can be given. At Moss Grove surgeries this should preferably be done via our website ( or by telephone.

This information is assessed and prioritised by one of our Doctors during normal surgery hours. If appropriate, a patient may be telephoned by a Doctor so the situation can be discussed, and an action plan decided. Patients who need to be seen and assessed further are given an appointment to attend the surgery so they can see a Doctor or a Nurse face-to-face.

Until we get a further directive from NHS England to change, this process must remain in place. We recognise it is a different way to access us and we thank you for accepting it and supporting us in our efforts to find the best way through it.

Requesting your Medications

There are various ways patients can order prescriptions:

  • Via our website
  • Online via the ‘Patient Access’ website
  • By posting a paper request through the letterboxes in both surgeries, and
  • Via your local Pharmacist

We cannot accept telephone requests and we are unable to allow patients into the surgeries to order prescriptions face-to-face for the reasons already explained. Any queries regarding your medications should be entered online via our website.

Requesting a Home Visit

Practice policy on home visiting has not changed. All requests must be triaged first but, if needed, we will always visit our elderly patients who are housebound and our patients who are under the care of the McMillan teams, at home.

Requesting an Appointment with the Nursing Team

These have continued, and will continue, throughout the lockdown and patients can book them via our triage services i.e. via our website or by telephone.

Clinics for Long-Term Conditions

Most patients are being successfully reviewed remotely and, as with other appointments, any patient who needs to be seen face-to-face will be given an appointment. We will contact you directly by telephone to book these appointments.

New Website –

Our new website has ‘rooms’ which you can enter for advice and to complete an enquiry form. All forms are received in surgery in one place and sent to the relevant person or Doctor to reply to you. Please don’t worry if you enter the wrong room to send your enquiry. They all go to the same place for action. Your query will be looked at on the day.

Support with Mental Health issues

We have also recently added the services of Sam Hemmings, our mental health care worker. Sam takes telephone appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays from any patients who wish to discuss their mental health.

First Contact Physiotherapist

James has joined our Team and all patients can make appointments to speak with them on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

As a result of the merger this service is now available to our Kinver patients too. Appointments are available to get immediate advice on any muscular skeletal problems from our first contact physiotherapists, James and Tom.

Staffing at Our Surgeries

We have recruited Dr Rai, Dr Ahmed, and Dr Gul to supplement our Team. In addition, we welcome Dr Cousins back from maternity leave. Dr Minton has left us to move closer to her family in the South West.

As a result of this further recruitment there are always two Doctors working in Kinver every day and three on Mondays.

We have also increased the nursing capacity at our Kinver surgery and we welcome Jo Arrowsmith and Abbie Lewis who join Jane.