Covid-19 vaccination programme update

We continue, at great speed, to immunise all eligible patients at Kingswinford Community centre.

By this weekend we will have immunised most of the category 1and 2 patients i.e., those who are aged 80 and over, patients in care homes and will also have visited most of our housebound patients to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination.

We have called a significant number of patients into the centre, also, who are aged 70 and over.

Overwhelmingly the feedback from all patients been that the service is efficient, safe and a very positive experience.

We all owe a huge thanks to Dr Hughes and our nurses for organising and running this important service so well.

Some of you may also have had a letter outlining where else you could book to have the vaccine.

You are free to choose ,but as stated we are currently on target, and if you wish to receive your vaccine locally and by us ,your practice, we will contact you.

Please do not contact us – we will call you as soon as possible

Please stay safe.