Flu Vaccination programme 2021

Our annual flu vaccination season is starting this year in September. Please see below a plan of when we expect you to be able to receive your FREE flu vaccine this year.

The dates and venues are confirmed and set out below These are staggered to reflect the delivery schedules of the vaccine and priority groups as set out by NHS England.

  • Over 65s – Vaccines will be available from September / October 2021 (and the months following until March 2022)
  • 18-64s at risk – Vaccines will be available from September / October 2021 (and the months following until March 2022)
  • Children – Vaccines will be available from October 2021 (and the months following until March 2022)
  • 50-64s – Subject to availability, we expect this cohort to be offered vaccination once the above cohorts have been invited.  This is likely to be October 2021 (and the months following until March 2022).

We will contact you by phone to arrange a suitable appointment Appointments are available on line to book for the eligible groups.

Key dates.

Week commencing 11th October we will be immunising the over 65’s and those under 65 with long term conditions at Kinver Community & Sports Centre (KCSA).This week is open to all Moss Grove patients and can be booked by those living in Kinver and Kingswinford.

Week commencing 4th October we hope we’ll be able to hold flu clinics at Dudley Kingswinford Rugby Club, however this is subject to confirmation of delivery of flu vaccines.

Nationally there has been a delay in deliveries, once we have more information we will release clinics.

For all these sessions we would ask you to adhere to these requests:

  • Everyone must wear a face covering
  • Wear loose clothing so our nurses can easily access your arm. Gentlemen, please wear a short sleeve shirt
  • Be prepared to queue
  • Be aware of social distancing and always maintain a safe distance from other attendees before, during and after your injection

Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated as we try our best to immunise you all in a safe and effective way.

Moss Grove surgery Covid-19 booster campaign 2021.

The practice will endeavour to immunise all eligible groups for the Covid-19 booster.

We are still awaiting final guidance from the Government regarding which patient groups are eligible for the vaccine and what vaccine we will be offering you, our patients.

Our expectation is we will get this soon and therefore will be in a position to book your Covid-19 booster appointment soon after your flu immunisation. Please attend for your flu as we will not be in a position to offer both together now as we hope to get the flu campaign sorted as soon as possible to offer all patients protection from the flu as soon as we can.

We will contact you to book our Covid-19 booster as soon as this guidance because available and clear.