Moss Grove Surgery Post Lockdown Protocol

We have had a difficult year and we are all glad to see the summer arrive and Covid 19-related restrictions to our lifestyle lift as we head into the summer months.

Although we all share the desire to get back to how things used to be, we have no doubt you will recognise that we must still be aware that different Covid-19 variants continue to circulate amongst the population, with the current Delta variant causing significant concern.

It is against this background that the practice has been looking at how we move forward, and balance our absolute commitment to providing the best possible services to our patients whilst also ensuring that we keep you and our staff safe at all times.

We have taken careful note of the guidance given by Public Health England to all general practices as we have put together our plans. In this newsletter we will give you the details of how you will be able to access services at moss Grove.

These changes will come into effect from 20th July, or at a later date if lockdown is postponed or delayed. We will give you a further update if this should happen.

Safety in the Practice

Although restrictions may be loosened in other situations, the practice must be aware that we are dealing with patients who attend the surgery feeling unwell. We also have patients attending the surgery with long-term conditions, and others who are currently undergoing significant treatments which will affect their ability to fight any infections.

As a result, regardless of what may be allowable elsewhere, we ask everybody who attends the practice to:

  • Please wear face coverings when in the surgery
  • Try to maintain social distancing in the waiting room and in the reception

As you would imagine, we will also be monitoring the number of patients in the waiting room.

We am sure you can understand the reasons for these instructions and you will recognise that the safety and wellbeing of our patients and our staff is the primary consideration in our decision making. It is our aim that everyone who attends the surgery is safe and, as importantly, feels safe to do so.

Making Appointments at Moss Grove

Since the start of lockdown in March 2020 we have operated a triage system for patients requiring appointments.

We have also encouraged you to use our website and this has proved to be a huge success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has embraced these changes and those who have constructively and positively commented on how efficient and useful they have found them.

Given how well this has worked and how popular it has proved to be, we will ask you to continue as you are now and use our website and the telephone system to make appointments.

Because of the small space available in the waiting room and our wish to maintain a degree of social distancing, our reception staff cannot make appointments at the reception desk, under any circumstances, and we ask you to continue to use the current methods.

As those of you have used the services will know, throughout the last 18 months we have provided regular face-to-face appointments to all those patients who have needed them. We will continue to offer these appointments to patients who need and require them in future.

As an example of how we have tried to maintain, improve access and see patients who need a face to face appointment; Week commencing 31st May we had 1589 booked appointments with our clinical teams.

Of those appointments booked 758 were face to face appointments.

We would encourage you all to use the website and the telephone system so that we can triage and prioritise your needs accordingly.

This will also ensure that we utilise the highly skilled team at Moss Grove Surgery to offer you the best care we can. These specialists include our current:

  • Emergency Practitioner
  • First contact Physiotherapist
  • First contact Mental Health Worker
  • Practice Nurses
  • Practice pharmacist
  • Health Care Assistants
  • Nursing teams
  • Doctors

Attending surgery if you are awaiting a Covid-19 test result or have a Covid-19 positive result

Please let our staff know if the above apply to you when booking an appointment.

We may ask you to attend at a quieter time in the surgery and also if necessary phone us from your car outside when you arrive.

The doctor will then come and escort you into their room via a secure entrance. This will ensure we can safeguard other patients attending the surgery while offering yourself the service you need.

Home Visits 

Practice policy on home visiting has not changed throughout this period. All requests must be triaged first, but if needed we will always visit those who are housebound or patients who are under the care of the Macmillan teams at home.

Nurse Clinics

These will continue as they are now and patients can book to see our nurses in the morning and the evening through our website or by using our telephone system.

Clinics for Long Term Conditions

These continue and we will be contacting everyone to book their appointments in the coming year. Some of these will be undertaken remotely, if appropriate. We will also ask any patients who need to be seen to attend the surgery for a face to face appointment.

Requesting Medications

There are various ways you can order prescriptions:

  • via our website
  • on-line via patient access website
  • by posting a paper request through the letterboxes at both surgeries and
  • via your local

We cannot accept telephone requests and you will not be able to order your prescriptions at reception because of the limited space and requirement to maintain social distancing.

Any queries regarding your medication should be directed to the online facility via our websites.

New Doctors

 We are pleased to announce we have two new doctors starting with the Practice in August. We welcome:

  • Dr Kate Griffin
  • Dr Nathaniel Harper

We are sure they will be really positive additions to our clinical team and I am sure we all wish them well as they start their roles at Moss Grove.

Our New Registrars

From August we also have 4 new registrars joining us. They are:

  • Dr Humayun Tariq
  • Dr Bushra Majeed
  • Dr Mayowa Durotola
  • Dr Shalini Chintamaneni

This does mean we are losing Dr Ida Allison as he progresses on with his medical career. We thank you, Ida, for all you hard work and everyone at Moss Grove wishes you well.

And Most Importantly…

We in the practice are hugely grateful to our dedicated staff who have been willing to leave their own anxieties and those of the families behind them and come to work to support the Practice over the last 18 months. They have had to adapt to many changes and have steadfastly supported us and our patients to the very best of their ability throughout this time. For that we are sure you will want to join the Practice in thanking them for their hard work and dedication.

This has been agreed with Kinver and Kingswinford patient panel groups.